Karin Olebjörk (English)

Långtora Field trail 2007. The first trail with only Magyar Vizsla held in Sweden.

(Csákó, Karin och Nova)

I, Karin Olebjörk, is the founder and owner of the Olebjörks Kennel in Sweden. I got my first Hungarien Vizsla , "Nova ", in 2003 and with her my love for the breed grow fast and also my hunting interest. As " Nova " was my first hunting, pointing and retrieving dog, I had a lot to learn to become a good handler in the field and she did not get the best start because of my lack of knowledge. At least more or less of the lack of qualification in Field Trials must be blamed that fact.

Karin & Farah in Slovakia -07

Nova & Csákò 2007

The next vizsla enter into my live was Csákò , who came to me in spring 2007, of the age of two year. He was a boy with loads of own will and lots of unused energy and hunting desire. It was hard work in the beginning, but in the Autumn the same year, he got a third prize in his second Field Trail.

Csákó, Farah & Nova -08

At the same time I decided to buy "Farah" from Slovakia. Her parents had excellent qualifications in different Field Trials and tests. As I learned more and more about the breed, it was undoubtedly the breed needed dogs unrelated to the vizsla in Sweden and with good hunting ability. I am very pleased with her and she makes one´ s dreams come true! In the Autumn 2008 Farah he got a first prize in a Field Trail and she now has her breeing licens.

Csákó , Farah, Karin och Nova

As I believed in Nova´s capability I decided to mate her with a male named Bosco Jantar Devil, a Working Champion in Slovakia and very succesful. The litter was born on 29th of February (Leap day!) 2008 and looks very promising so far.

Farah was mated with a Czech dog with the name Glena z Panských lesů in the beginning of 2009.

With all this I hope I can contribute to the progress of the breed.