Farah Englishpage

Farah Z Nanikinho Dvora S66324/2007

Farah is born in Slovakia 20/01 -07. I choose her when she was 7 weeks old from a litter of seven puppeis. But is would take an other 5 months before she could move to Sweden. That was because of the rabies injektions. She is now hear and I am very happy over her. She seem all readdy to have a lot if hunting qualities. She apports like a Retriver and her surch is like a mature dog. It's going to be graet fun to work with her.

Farahs got the title NordJV-07 on a International show in Sweden. On the World dog show that was held in Sweden 2008 she got the judgement excellent typ.

Autumn 2008 she got a first prize in a field trail and she has now got her breeding license. Earlier that session she also got a third prize. She is a very good gundog with a wide search.

Farahs is a energetic and lovely creature and she makes me smile every day.

Farah pedigree